The brand of Good Taste
Olympia - Xenia A.S.A.
OOLYMPIA-XENIA A.S.A was established in 1968 by its founder, Mr. Gerassimos Vassilopoulos. His target, when he created the company, was the exploitation and preservation of the quality of one of Greece's most valuable treasures, olives and olive oil.
The first products to be produced in his factory were pasteurized olives with the brand name XENIA. In 1990, the development of a new contemporary factory gave OLYMPIA-XENIA A.S.A. the ability to expand rapidly into the production of other products, mainly, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which today under the brand name XENIA holds one of the leading positions in the Greek Market.
The company's main objective is the production of high quality products that is why, in Olympia-Xenia factory we pack only 100% extra virgin olive oil - no other type of olive oil nor any other type of oil, sunflower or seed oil is processed by us.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
The company's modern factory is located in an area near Olympia, in the prefecture of Ilia, west Peloponnese. The reason for setting up the industrial unit in this area is that since the ancient times, this area has been very well known for its high quality agricultural products, its excellent climate and rich soil.
The company's factory is certified with the ISO 9001 International Quality Control Standard and fulfills all the HACCP requirements. More specifically from the selection of raw materials, through all stages of the production, intense quality control inspections are carried out by a group of scientists.
The quality control applied to our olives consists of several stages of product testing such as caliber, color, taste, chemical analysis etc. in order to achieve high quality standards and consistency. Our olives are naturally fermented with no chemical process applied to accelerate fermentation and the olives brine contains less salt.
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