The brand of Good Taste
Olympia - Xenia A.S.A.
How to Benefit
The products produced by OLYMPIA-XENIA A.S.A. are distributed in the Greek Market and international market with the brand name XENIA or as private label products. The quality and commitment in our aggreements and products is the main benefit one can earn by including our products in his company's portfolio.
OLYMPIA - XENIA is, by far, the leader in packaged olives and olive pate, in the Greek market, while in the Extra Virgin Olive Oil it stands amongst the top raters.
Our main export markets are USA, Australia, Japan, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden and Cyprus, while the further expansion of exports constitutes our company's primary objective.
Its private label clientele includes among others, DELHAIZE Le LION (Belgium), KROGER S.A. (USA), HELLAS INTERNATIONAL (USA), FONTANA S.A. (Sweden), ALFA-BETA (Greece) and SKLAVENITIS (Greece).
Xenia Olives
We welcome Super market buyers, large and organized distributors covering part or whole of a market and trading companies who have experience in this type of products.

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