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The "VOLCAN WINES" was founded at Fira of Santorini in 1880 by the brothers Grigoris and Dimitris Koutsoyanopoulos.

Nowadays, four generations later, the company is still running successfully, directed with care and supervision by its actual manager Mr George Koutsoyanopoulos.

"VOLCAN WINES" carry all the character of the soil and vine varieties of Santorini. To best display these characteristics we have created - 'ABELONES' (Vines) label - 'LAVA' label and - Vinsanto.

'Abelones' is a collection of two VQPRD white wines and one red. 'Abelones' VQPRD white wines are of high quality with distintictive aroma and rich in taste. 'Abelones' VQPRD fume has matured in our oak barrels for 12 months. 'Abelones' red is also aged in our oak barrels for 12 months.
Wine barrels

'Lava' label includes three wines, red, VQPRD white and rose. Santorini table wines with dry taste and fruity aroma.

'Vinsanto' is the famous Santorini dessert wine produced in limited quantity. We have put all our skill to produce a fine Vinsanto wine, a world class sweet wine which stands amongst the top Santorini Vinsanto wines.


Thanks to the stronghold of the actual manager, the experience and knowledge of its owners, the modernised wine making factory continues the family tradition by producing the excellent wine of the unique volcanic Santorini island.

From the age of the Minoan civilisation, 3500 years ago, the same unadulterated wine is produced. The volcanic land of Santorini and the sunshine are favourable conditions for the culture and ripening of the local vineries. The discreet and distinguished aroma as well as the taste, both unique to Santorini wines, are the result of the local climate and environment created by the sea, the sun, and the volcano land.
We welcome wine lovers and business professionals who wish to contact us for cooperation. 'Volcan wines' are available in Santorini and at selected liquor stores around Greece. 'Volcan wines' are also available in Sweden. To enjoy the wines and get all the benefits of Santorini wines whatever your relation is to wine, business or private, you can use the Product link and Contact link above to view the wines and contact us directly. And when you are in Santorini, remember to visit the Musuem. A visit to remeber for long time!
Wine Museum

The unique natural CAVE WINE MUSUEM at Fira, is a great opportunity for every visitor of the island to come and learn the history of the art making and taste the wine under the hospitable vine arbour's shade of the wine making factory. The Musuem is open daily between 12:00pm - 20:00pm., tel: +30 22860 31322