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'Dako' is a typical Cretan whole meal, served in Cretan traditional tavernas, prepared fast and easily and is absolutely delicious. Use the round "paximadi" either the barley, or the wheat after moisten it lightly. Then wet it with Cretan extra-virgin oil. Add some salt. Cover all your paximadi with very small cubes of peeled tomato and with feta cheese, spread over some oregano and finish with a big olive on top.
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Tsiknakis Creatn Bakery currently produces 1000kg of paximadi daily. Most of the production is Organic certified. The materials used come from the nearby lands where we apply constant control. Our products are exported worldwide. Current export accounts are active in countries like Germany, USA, Canada and Australia. We welcome export inquiries for wholesale orders and long-term agreements. Use the contact link above to register with us and describe your interest for cooperation.