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B. Stefanouris S.A.
Greek Products

The Kalamata based B.STEPHANOURIS SA' distillery by combining the knowledge and tradition with the contemporary trends has created selected products. We are currently present in Germany and we welcome requests for export cooperation from all European countries and beyond.
You are invited to browse through our products and contact us through the Contact link above, for Export requests. Our product's quality and taste will be a major benefit for your business.

Success Story

Since 1979, B.STEFANOURIS produces qualitative products such as ouzo, brandy, liqueurs, masticha, ice cream syrups and pure fresh fruit juices. The quality of our products and our coherence to the customer have led our company into a continuous progress orbit. Thus, our company is well established as one of the largest and most reliable companies of its kind.


In 1996 the company was transformed into an SA by becoming B.STEPHANOURIS SA which is its official name until today. During 1998 the construction of the new privately owned installations of our company was completed, and now, B.STEPHANOURIS SA is based in the Kalamata Industrial Area.
The high quality products, the continuous renewal of the products and the every day searching for finding new tastes are some of the basic characteristics of company's work.
Today, B.STEPHANOURIS SA is reaching its creative peak and is still developed by all means.

Products of B.Stefanouris S.A.

Ouzo is a genuine Greek product and it is classified as an aperitif.
That means it is drunk when we start to eat. It is drunk also as a main drink all day long. Ouzo it is drunk with ice or without ice and can be used in different coctails also. It is produced with the mixture of water, alcohol and anise and is enriched with aromatic herbs.
The B.STEPHANOURIS SA Distillery created its own ouzo with a special taste and aroma.
Now, you have the opportunity to taste the STEPHANOURIS Ouzo and to share this tasty experience with those having the same sense with you regarding quality and authenticity.

Raisin Brandy of B.Stefanouris.
Offers exceptional taste and aroma in a wide variety of packaging and quality.

The Golden Liquer series.
We are proud to present you this wide variety of liquers in special shaped bottles.
Our production line includes Cacao, Cherry, Rose, Banana, Tangerine and Triple Sec. Fine liquers form B.Stefanouris suitable for any occassion and any coktail. Your trusted partner for a successful drink or liquer on its own.

Fine fruit juices of Kalamata. Exceptional taste and quality.
Our range includes orange, lemon and cherry suitable for both refreshments and cocktails. The range also icludes cherry juice in thick form suitable for ice cream topping.

Tsipouro B.Stefanouris, A genuine Greek aperitif.
A strong, distilled spirit with an exceptional flavor.
Our collection of distilled spirits includes Raki and Mastic liquer of Kalamata.