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One of main concern is the privacy of personal data. Thus, next to each comment you will find only the first name and last name initial of the sender. If you have any comments about the above text or about, please send an email at

Thank you for your excellent products and great service. I buy a lot of stuff online and yours is the best service I have experienced.
Brian G.

The Odyssee arrived and my dad loves it. Thank you so much.
Tom M.

I received my order very shortly after I sent it to you. I haven't used it yet, because I bought it as a gift. In fact, I think I'm going to order another just for me. Thanks again.
Bill A.

Everything arrived. This is my second order and I am very pleased. I will continue to order every month or so.
Nicholas I.

I would not hesitate to order form again. Everything was well comminicated and happened right on schedule. Thank you very much. Sincerely,
Patricia E.

Order received as specified. Very good service!
Gerald W.

My order arrived on Thursday. Everything arrived intact. Thank you for the prompt service. I am very happy
with the articles selected and will be ordering more items in the future. Again, Thank you.
Dora H.

Thank you so much for your prompt completion of my order. The order arrived within the time frame you told me. I intend to continue shopping with Thanks again.
Kathy P.

My order was received in good shape. I hoped for a little more history but what I got was satisfactory. Please let me know if you have any other books available-old or new- on Castellorizo. Thanks.
Bill M.

My order arrived, and was in excellent condition. I have found your service to be impeccable.
Jason K.

The complete order was received on Monday. Thank you for the gift.
Tania C.

I sent you an e-mail the moment I got my order. I have enclosed a copy below. I think your customer service is great and I have told several friends about Greek Products.
Karen B.

The shipment arrived within the time you promised. We really appreciate your fast and efficient service. Thanks again.

All the ordered products came in time to my attention and I was very happy that I received the goods before Christmas. Thank you for your continuous assistance. Chronia polla jia olous sas / Happy new year.
Franz J.

Yes, thank you very much, my order arrived in perfect condition and is very satisfying. Thanks again for your service!
Ryan V.

My order arrived, apparently in good condition. Unfortunately I won't be able to try it until after Christmas since it is a
present for my wife. I was very impressed by the quality of the service.
Denbigh S.

The products did arrive. We are very pleased with the quality. One of the products was leaking slightly. It was no problem though.
Rene McC.

Thank-you so much for your outstanding service. I have received the product I ordered and am looking forward to seeing the happy, surprised looks on my friend's faces when I deliver their favorite product!
Again, thank-you very much for your excellent customer service. Sincerely,
Sharon W.

I was very satisfied by the deal: products have been delivered safe and fast and they were perfect christmas gifts. I was very impressed by the safe payment method. Till next time! Many regards
Iris S.

I did indeed receive my order and all was well, thanks
Ronald B.

I received my order the other day in plenty of time for Christmas. Thank you for your quick service!
E. W.

Everything was received... The items were packed perfectly and the quality excellent. I will make sure the family and friends use you for the items they miss from Greece. Thank you so much - I am very, very pleased!!!!!!
Efkaristo (?) Yasas......
Gina M.

My order arrive complete & safely. thank you .... very fast & efficient
Lynne D.

Dear Sirs, I just received my order today...thank you so much.
Susan C.

Hi, I got my order and LOVE your items. Thanks for offering these items, they bring back great memories of days gone by!!
Thanks again,


Claire P.

I have not yet received my order. Could you please provide me an airbill number so I can trace it? Thank-you.
Bill M.

I have received my order today, 20 JAN 01. It arrived in beautiful condition. Thanks.
Bill M.

Fantastic service! Thank you and thank you for the year 2000 calendar. Best wishes, A.K.

I have received the package. I appreciate the e-mail notices of the progress of this shipment. It has been a pleasure. R.K.

Your shipment was delivered successfully-- thank you!! I will be ordering more products in the future...As for your customer service(via email), it is great! Response time in getting back to me was efficient and refreshing considering so many other companies are not that way...Thank you... E.S.

I received my order the other day and just wanted to thank you for the quick service. T.L.

The order arrived in good condition. I am very pleased. Thank you. T.M.

The product I ordered arrived in good time and well packaged. C.R.

Thankyou fïr your kind e-mail! The shipment arrived safe and sound over a week ago! Many thanks once again. K.S.

Best thanks for the prompt sending of my order!!! Three days after our mailing, the order have arrived safely. Thanks for this short period of sending. Best greek-service I know. Product: Excellent. A.G.

Your products arrived well. The quality of the products ordered and your service in general were all excellent. You have won a place in my list of favorites. C.A.

My order is now complete and was received in excellent condition. Thank you very much for your prompt attention and customer support. R.L.

Everything arrived fine. Thank you very much. J.M.

The order arrived promptly and in good order. Thank you. T.d.W

Hi.Robin received the gift about 4 business days after I ordered it and it arrived intact. Thanks very much. C.A.

The service was great. My order arrived on the 19th as expected and in perfect shape. P.R.

I received my order on two separate days. It was a gift for a friend and it was a huge success!! J.F.

Your service was excellent and the product is delicious. Every e-mail sent to you was answered immediately. Thank you. T.C.

My order arrived today in great shape. Now it is time to enjoy! Thank you again. L.H.

I did receive my order and was thrilled just to be able to purchase such a wonderful product. Thank you so much! B.H.

I appreciated your courtesy and precision and I think I'll be your customer again in the future. V.B.

I was thinking about when I heard about the earthquake. Thank you for your time. T.C.

Great products, good arrival condition. D.C.

Your service was excellent. P. J.

I am impressed with your service and obvious commitment to a quality E-commerce experience. S.M.

I just wanted to let you know that we have received our order. Thanks for the gift!! T.C.

I am very satisfied with way, everything has been handled. Now I know, how I order using the Internet, and I sure will reorder, when necessary. S.S.

..nice service... JMC.

Thank you - we are very pleased. JC.

Order arrived in good condition & more quickly than expected!!! Thanks! J.M.

Very pleased with the service! N.M.

If the rest of the order arrives , I will have to say that you are the best online retailer I have done business with. B.G.

The rest of the order arrived on Tuesday. Thank you for the excellent products and the excellent service. B.G.

My order arrived today in perfect condition. Efcharisto Para Poli. PVT.

The product arrived safe, sound, and right on time. Thanks. D.D.

The order arrived in the second week of December in good shape. Thank you. C.P.

The order arrived intact and within the time specified. Thank you very much. SJC.

Thanks so much for the speedy delivery. A.W.

I was very pleased with your service. My friends received the gifts on time. From recent conversations, I was told that everything was O.K. Thank you very much for your service. I'm very positive that I will use it again in the future. Have a prosperous year. S.E.

Excellent service. The packages arrived safely only a couple of days after you confirmed the order. I'll definitely be ordering again. K.S.

Congratulations for your excellent service. I'll place other orders.. H.W.

OVerall, everything has been great! A.R.

I received your great products and now I have something to enjoy with. B.F.

Thank you for your kind fax from today. Thanks a lot for your short terminated delivery. R.K.

Thanks for the e-mail. Everything was good, service, delivery. V.T.

Thank you for any help you can provide in finding the missing order. K.D.

Just to let you know that my order finally arrived. So, I have all that I have ordered. Thank you. K.D.

Products arrived in perfect condition and I am delighted with the quality. J.O.

I received my order of the 4 book I ordered today and i'd like to say thank you. H.P.

You have a very attractive and easy to use web site which makes it very easy and a pleasant experience to order. R.L.

Hi, I was wondering about the order I placed. I have not recieved either of the products. K.W.

Order received. Very Pleased. K.W.

Thank You for your promptness. My wife will be really surprises when she opens her birthday gift. Again.....THANK YOU. D.M.

Your service was prompt and very helpful. R.G.

As before, both your products and your service have been excellent. B.G.

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