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Santorini's Wine Promotion Center
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Wine Promotion Center of Santo Wines

Santorini is a very special island, of exceptional beauty, the so-called "Kallisti" (the most beautiful) of the antiquity, which has a unique jewel, its vineyard.
The vision of SantoWines people to promote one of the most famous traditional products of the Santorini island;
Santo Wines
the wine, resulted the creation of the Wine Promotion Centre, simultaneously with the new winery.
In the Wine Promotion Centre, which is situated to the edge of the caldera with the imposing view of the volcano, a simple visit is being transformed into an unforgettable experience, which is finally re-transformed into a ritual initiation to wine's heady world!
In the Wine Promotion Centre is offered:
-A conducted tour in SantoWines winery, where one can see the whole wine making process, from the moment of grape pressing up to bottling.
-A visit to the aging cellars where one can feel the atmposphere created from the combination of the barrels wood with the wine which is in the process of aging.
-Audio-visual multimedia about the vineyard, the wine making tradition and the wine of Santorini.
-A taste of wines. Specialized enologists give away the wine's hidden secrets, while the visitors may taste and get to know the various types of company's famous wines, such as the ASSYRTICO, the NYKTERI and the traditional VINSANTO.
In a special separate area of Santorini's Wine Promotion Centre of SantoWines the visitor can find collector wine bottles, books and wine accessories as well as other local traditional products such as fava, tiny tomatoes, capers, etc.

The Centre's main hall can be host to more than 120 persons and is used also for screening, seminars, levees and weddings.We are inviting you to visit us in order to come closer to Santorini's long lasting history and cultural heritage!

We invite you to visit us and meet Santowines people and the Wine Promotion centre.