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The Association Cooperatives of Theraic Products SantoWines was founded in 1947 in order to be protected the financial interests of island's agricultural products producers. 100% of the producers are members of the association. Today, the registered members of the association are 2,361, while 1,000 of them are active.
Association's main activities are:
Production, bottling and commerce of bottled and bulk wine.
Production, canning and commerce of tomato products.
Management of fertilizers, forages and agricultural equipment.
Commerce of pesticides.
Santo Wines
After the year 1980 the tomato production was reduced due to diminished yield, thus the main activity of SantoWines is now the wine production, bottling and commerce.

Santorini's map
The headquarters and the winery of SantoWines are found in Santorini in the traditional village of Pyrgos, while it is a branch in Athens in Kolonos region for the serving of the customers from mainland Greece. The increased competition and the new challenges of the domestic and international markets necessitated the modernization of SantoWines and company's trailblazing. Towards this direction, a new high technology winery was erected and new investments took place concerning new machinery and company's staffing in specialized scientific personnel, while at the same time, new distribution networks were applied.
SantoWines has distribution network in whole Greece and exports its products to Europe (France, Germany), to the US, and to Canada.
The target of SantoWines is to reach its wines to every corner of the earth in order that everyone to remember that wine's history started here, in the land of Dionysus!

The SantoWines winery
Today, we are very proud because in what is probably the most modern winery facility of the Balkans, where the technological perfection is harmonized with the uniqueness of our island, we create with scientific cognition and consistency our famous wines.
The new winery of a total stowage of about 5,000 tons was finished and is in operation since 1992. Due to its innovative construction, as the winery is built in two levels, it is exploited the hypsometric difference and the natural phenomenon of gravity from the winepresses to the bottling, while at the same time the use of pumps for the transfer of the must and wine is reduced. That means, the quality of the wines is been protected and upgraded.


SantoWines is committed to produce exceptional quality products respecting the consumer's right for safe and carefully controlled products. The continuous step up of product quality comprises the cornerstone of company's businesses.

Respect to Greek tradition
Santo Wines promotes the products of the unique Santorini island primary aiming to catechize the consumers to the traditional Greek cultural heritage in such a way that the consuming behavior to be transformed into a conscious healthy and ecological choice.

Respect to nature
Santo Wines, respecting the unique Cycladian ecosystem uses the most modern technology in order to preserve nature's harmony and to contribute the island's sustainable development.

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