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Our company, Aromatic Plants and Herbs Inc., is based in the industrial area of Komotini Greece. Our experience in the field of aromatic herbs and spices starts from 1987. We provide aromatic plants and therapeutic herbs and offer more than eighty products to meet your needs. Our most important product is oregano.
Our interest in this area began in the 80's with the concentration and marketing of self-grown oregano from our area mountains. The recent years, collaborating with the farmers of our area, there have been new cultures of oregano, thus providing controlled, most excellent quality authentic Greek oregano,
in large quantities.


From this oregano, our enterprise produces the ethereal oil, which has multiple uses. In 2001 we began the culture of organic oregano. We have also started organic cultures of sage, rosemary, thyme and we focus on the production in organic base of plenty of other aromatic plants and herbs. The majority of our products are natural, emanating from the old-world cultures of Greece and Bulgaria where our enterprise has also a seat, under the supervision of experts in the field. Our company guarantees the excellence of the products.


Our products having a powder form like oregano and basil are packed in 10 kilograms bags, while those who appearing in leaf form and skein form, like sage, are packed in paper boxes of 6 kilograms. The ethereal oil made of Greek oregano is packed in 3 kilograms aluminum bottles.
We provide also the solution of smaller package upon the customer's request.
We do also provide the aromatic plants such as the parsley, the anise and the basil among others, as well as organic plants and therapeutic herbs.
Oregano in powder form is available in annual basis of 250 tons.
Oregano ethereal oil which contains 77% carvacrole has an annual production of 1500 kilograms with ability of tripling the quantity. Basil 8-10 tons in annual basis, sage 7 tons with ability of tripling the quantity.


We welcome reliable partners for wholesale orders and long term agreements for any country and destination. All final products are of best quality and constant supply as per agreement.
Products are delivered free of any foreign material in craft paper bags, clear envelopes or other custom made packaging to suit all retail and wholesale needs. Quality Certificates are issued for all products.
Shipments are made in whole container load or groupage to all destinations or via truck to most European countries. Samples are available on request. To view the products and place a business request use the Product and Contact links. We thank you for your visit and look forward to a mutual beneficial cooperation.


With the name Oregano or Origanum we mean the flowering tops of the perennial herb Origanum vulgaris.
The origin of the name 'Oregano' comes from ancient Greece. It is a compound from the Greek words 'oros' (mountain) and 'ganos' (joy), i.e. 'joy of the mountain', probably due to the fact that the oregano roots prohibit the washing of the mountain slopes by rain or just by its fantastic smell.
In any case, those who have visited Greece, where oregano covers the hillsides and scents the summer air, would probably agree with this name.
Origanum vulgaris grows exclusively to the zone containing the whole Mediterranean Basin and reaching to Central Asia.

Origanum vulgaris, often known as Wild Marjoram, is an extremely invasive plant with a pink flower. Its most important subdivision is the so-called Greek regano (Origanum heracleoticum).
Greek Oregano is one spicy herb and is by far the best oregano in the world. Greek Oregano has a flavour so intense it numbs the end of the tongue when fresh. Like all culinary oreganos, its flower is white. It has coarse, ovate, fuzzy leaves and grows up to 40cm high in bloom. It is grown in light, fairly rich, well-drained soil with pH 7.0-8.0. Use to season fish, meats, salads, sauces, and stews it has medicinal properties as well.