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In 1937 a few wine-growers founded the Cooperative.Today all the vine-growers of the region are members of this association.
The wine Cooperative Association anticipating the future's chalenges has equipped the installations with advanced technology material and adopted modern marketing methods,in order to secure for its wines a good position for the future in Greece and in the World.

The Nemea Wine Producers Cooperative Association is a wine factory of high quality performance and attachment to the traditional values and to the duty to offer these famous wines to all markets, national and international. The profound knowledge of the whole wine - making process, the fermentation and the aging of the wine in oaken casks is a quality quarantee.

It is difficult for someone to believe, that since the begining of the centuries, these very same hills, around Nemea, have been covered by green vineyrads. The explanation is given by the excellent ecosystem of the region which favours vine varieties unique all over the world. Here, in the Antiquity were the ancient city birthplace of demigods. Nemea today is as much famous for its past as for its unique wines. nemea products

Today Nemea has created an attractive image, not only among the Greek wine producers, but all over the world. There is actually a new wine factory, the nucleus of the Nemea Wine Producers Cooperative Association. In our Wine Producers Cooperetive Association the quality of the wine is the result of the high respect to the tradition allied to modern methods and to the technological progress.

Nemea wines
Postal Address : Nemea Wine Producers Cooperative Association, 20500, Nemea, Greece

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