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three centuries of tradition
three centuries of tradition
Gavalas Vineyard
Gavalas produces three distinct types of Santorini wine.

The classic white Gavalas 'Santorini VQPRD' made of Assyrtico and Aidani local varieties, is a wine of bright yellow-white colour with fine aroma of pearl, lemon and pineapple. It has a soft, rich, fruity and charming taste with long aftertaste. It is served between 8-10C with sea-food, cheese and white meat. Production is in the range of 28000 bottles.
Vinsanto Wine The classic naturally sweet wine of Santorini, 'Vinsanto' is Gavalas next wine creation. Santorini volcano has created a soil reach in substances which combined with the local varieties produces this remarkable wine. The grapes are left to mature at 14-15Be. Then they are hand-picked in August and placed on terraces under the sun for 10-15 days. The fermentation takes place during midday. Every 10kg of grapes produce 1kg of Vinsanto wine. Vinsanto matures for at least two years before bottling. It is served at 6-8C after dinner as a dessert wine. Production is limited to about 6000 bottles of 500ml.

Gavalas red wine creation is named Xenoloo indicating the most rare varieties on the island covering 3%-5% of the total cultivated area. The grapes are collected early in August. Fermentation takes place at 30C. The wine stays in oak french barells for 12 months before bottling. Xenolloo Gavalas is a wine with personality, it carries the aroma of dry nuts with a velvet taste. It has a rich and deep bouquet. It is served at 15-18C with meat, red sauce, light spicy meals and hard cheeses. Xenoloo, truly a unique and rare wine of Santorini, is produced in small quantities of about 8000 bottles of 750ml.
Xenoloo Wine