Evharis Estate
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The Quality
At the state-of-the-art Evharis winery facilities, the people, the high quality procedures for treating the grapes and the automated bottling line are guarantees that the exceptional quality of Evharis Estate wines is retained over time.

The Benefits
All the wines produced by Evharis Estate deservedly and proudly display the honorary appellation "Local Wines of Gerania" on their labels and the string of international medals and prizes awarded at wine-tastings are ample reward for the continous efforts made to achieve and retain quality in time. The Estate is a model for the production of high quality wines through the reborn of the local wine tradition and preservation of the environment.

At the Estate' s winery, grapes from neighbouring vineyards, grown under the supervision and control of the vineyard' s agronomists, are used to produce two fresh and fruity wines with the distinct name "ILAROS" to the same demanding standards as the Estate' s other wines.

Evharis wines are now in the top-ten of the Greek wine market regarding quality and taste, and are available in Greece at good restaurants, liquor shops as well as supermarkets. The small production combined with the people and facilities available are the Estate's main principles so to retain quality over time and ensure a firm position in the competitive and demanding wine market.

Evharis Estate wines are being exported since 2001. The exports currently cover 14% of the production and the aim is to increase this pecentage by presenting Evharis Estate to reliable distributors, buyers and wine connoisseurs.

The wines of Evharis Estate are currently available in the UK through Eclectic wines, in Holland through InterVino, in Germany through Ariston in different cities, in USA and the New York area, and at some good restaurants in Belgium.

The decision of the management is to extend Evharis wines presense through appointed distributors in a moderate way so to always adhere to the principles of high quality and small production. Interested companies who wish to enrich their wine portfolio should contact us through the contact link above. Our target for the coming period is to approach reliable distributors and wine merchants mainly in the Belgium market.

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