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The high professional standards as well as the long-term presence in the sector have placed the company among the first, not only in Greece but also abroad. CRETA MEL's products (honey, honey with dry nuts, bee's royal jelly, honeycomb) have won the hearts of the consumers.

The impressive presence of its products on the market equips the company with incentives for expansion to cover other products (sesame bars and dry nuts) that are directly related to honey.

CRETA MEL has developed, through direct sales or through distributors, a distribution network all over Greece in order to offer the valuable gift of honey to all consumers.

Because everyone has the right to unquestionable freshness, refined aroma and the uncomparable taste of Greek nature found in its products.

The secret of CRETA MEL's success is based on its passion for quality and its tirelessness for achieving the best. This is done through the perfectly trained personnel and the contemporary equipment used.

Aiming at the renewal, as well as at the enrichment of its range of products besides honey, CRETA MEL have expanded its business activities with the production of new items: Sesame Nougat and Nougat. On view to their production, a new production unit of sophisticated technology has come into operation.