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In Greek mythology the bee ('melissa' in Greek) was a nymph that nursed Zeus in the sacred cave of Crete. She was the daughter of the first king of Crete, Melisseas, a name that is probably the etymological source for the Greek words 'bee' and 'honey'. In antiquity various authors spoke of bees that were found only on Crete with hives only in the sacred cave of Zeus. Today, experts have recorded the existence of a special breed of bees that produces honey of excellent quality.
The honey of Crete is completely natural and is produced in regions of endemic vegetation. The bio-system of Crete is rich in endemic plants, particularly herbs. This vegetation and herbs are the favourite source of food for bees.
Crete has produced honey since pre-historic times without interruption, as if nothing had changed.
Perhaps the structure of the beehive improved, but all else must have remained unchanged: the bees, the aromatic herbs, the environment.
This unique island is the place where
CRETA MEL was born. CRETA MEL is based in the traditional village Sisses of the Rethymno prefecture in Crete and is run by the Rassoulis family members well known for their long tradition in honey production.
ORINO stands as the brand of CRETA MEL products. ORINO is synonym to best quality and taste honey products in all markets.
The company has established a modern unit of honey production, packaging and trading.