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Trofotechniki SA is the top company of its kind in Greece.
The long experience of company's scientific personnel in the food technology area taken together with the similar long experience of the company's tasters and the first-rate scientific infrastructure environment the Trofotechniki SA people work comprise the perfect assurance for the company's reliable work.
Bouillon d' Or Potato Croquets
The quality control, the company's microbiology laboratory and the strict operation of ISO 9001 and HACCP systems comprise the guarantee for the superiority of Bouillon d' Or products.

The company's experience to the international markets needs as well as its continuous effort to improve its products and to create new ones made Trofotechniki SA an important exporter of qualitative Greek products.

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ISO 9001

The Bouillon d' Or products as well as the Xenios products are exported worldwide with great success. The most important international importers and buyers of food products consider the Trofotechniki SA as a very efficient and reliable business partner, as long as, Trofotechniki SA always provides them with the most qualitative products made from the purest raw materials of the Greek land in the most competitive prices. In addition, Trofotechniki SA represents an endless source of new ideas in the food sector suitable for any need.