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The Company
Botzakis S.A. was founded in 1995 by the Botzakis Brothers, Giorgos, Vasilis and later John.
They had already been in the olive oil trade since 1989, following the long tradition of olive oil production in Crete.
Botzakis S.A. has been supplying important European firms with cretan extra-virgin olive oil.
Currently Botzakis S.A. owns a state-of-the-art, vertically organized production plant in Alagni, Heraklion, Crete.

The olives used, are solely provided from the greater Peza Region, worldwide famous for its optimum quality olive oil production, in regards to its flavor, taste and color.
The olive oil producers of the greater area of Peza cultivated, harvest and deliver the same day their crop of the unique olive variety 'Koroneiki' to the installations of out state-of-the-art olive mills.
The procedure of extracting the oil is carried out the same day, in very low temperatures, under health control supervisors and the support of modern machinery, resulting to a product with unique organoleptic characteristics.
The Olive Oil is then kept within special stainless-steel tanks in the Company's warehouses.

The People

BOTZAKIS S.A. greatest asset is its people: from the boys down at the mills and dispatch over to administration, teamwork is the ingredient to the finest recipe!

Company Installation

Oil Mills
The pressing of the olive fruit is carried out using modern equipment. Strictly monitored conditions of low temperature and hygiene and a short span between harvesting and pressing result in the production of olive oil with excellent physiochemical attributes.

The natural juice of the olive fruit is stored in 2000-ton stainless steel reservoirs with monitored environmental conditions, thus preserving the quality characteristics of the olive oil.

Bulk olive oil is shipped in special stainless tanker trucks owned by the company. Major shipping companies handle the shipping of our labeled products.

BOTZAKIS S.A. is equipped with a fully automated labeling line with a capacity of 3,500 500ml-bottles per hour and 500 5lt-tin cans per hour.

Chemical Lab
Botzakis S.A. own a fully automated chemical laboratory staffed with experienced chemists to perform immediate and constant product quality control throughout the production process.