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Botzakis Products Main Advantages
1. Many years of experience and knowledge in the production, standardization and trade of olive oil.
2. The ability to work with large quantities, all year round.
3. Excellent quality of raw material, due to geographic area of Peza region.
4. Absolutely vertical production procedure.

The Company's standardization plant is a new establishment. The entire line, consisting of machinery, devices and instruments of the latest technology, has a high-grade automatic function.
The company is certified by DIO, the Inspection & Certification Organization of Organic Products under the EEC Reg. 2092/91 and by BIO HELLAS, members of IFOAM, regarding the preserving, packing & labeling of agricultural products.
The company is also certified by USDNA/NOP Final Rules and certified to apply P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin) production procedure in accordance to EU regulation 1107/96.
Last but not least, Botzakis S.A. is also certified with ISO9001/2000 and HACCP.
All company products are strictly controlled for the detection of chemical residues. Specifically, regarding our Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, the same control is made for every production level, starting from cultivation, in cooperation with the Hellenic Organization for the Assurance of Organic products (DIO).
Innovative aspect:
Production of high nutritional products (Organic Olive oil)

1. Establishment and application of Quality System by TUV CERT (Austria, July 3rd 2002)
Valid through July 3rd 2006
2. Establishment and application of HACCP by TUV CERT (Austria, July 3rd 2002)
Valid through July 3rd 2006
3. DIO Organization for the Inspection and Certification of Organic Products (Athens, 24 December 2002) 4. DIO Organization for the Inspection and Certification of Organic Products (Athens, 16 December 2002) 5. Organic Products Certification Institute S.A. (Athens, 12 August 2002) 6. We proudly announce our distinction in the Mario Solinas Quality Award 2002 international competition. 7. Association of Ecological Agruculture of Greece-S.O.Y.E. (Athens , December 15th 2001)
8. Chamber of Commerce of Heraklion (Heraklion, July 18th 2001)

BOTZAKIS S.A. exports its products to the European Union and abroad. Our vision is to promote our select products to the world's markets through creative and successful partnerships that will bring this fine olive oil from Crete to caring consumers around the world.
We currently have partners in the following countries:
We, at Botzakis S.A. have the vision to expand our partnerships throughout the world, bringing this fine Cretan product to caring consumers.